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Reva cars in India

The REVA Electric Car Company (RECC) was introduced as a mutual venture among the Maini Group of Bangalore along with AEV LLC of USA, founded in 1994. Through worldwide patents in energy administration, remote diagnostics furthermore battery supervision to their praise, the corporation unveiled the two-seater REVA electric car in 2001 in Bangalore. Consequently, the identical electric car as the G-Wiz was launched in London 2004.

On May 2010, the REVA Corporation was acquired by the US15.4 billion dollars Mahindra Group and rechristened Mahindra REVA Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd. Today Mahindra REVA has one of the chief deployed fleets of exciting electric cars in the international market. By Mahindra REVA, they continuously experiment with diverse distribution models and contribute - from designing light-weight structures along with creating well-organized drive trains to intelligent, digitally coupled cars of tomorrow.

Mahindra REVA has quite a lot of International patents in the meadow of diagnostics, telemetric and energy supervision systems numbering 14 approved patents and 36 ‘active’ applications.

The accumulated information from over 200 million kilo-meters of customer-driven experience gives Mahindra REVA a beyond compare expertise in the pasture of electric vehicle technology.

Modernization and research forms the bedrock of the REVA approach be it embryonic a proprietary “Energy administration system” and superior batteries for electric car vehicles to designing the calculation brain of an electric vehicle - a key issue while it comes to presentation and reliability.

The REVA E20 in india will make a unbelievable alternative to a motorbike in our packed out city commutes, as it is almost the same amount to run and it protects the occupants from the rudiments.

look forward to a high price, although it is backed up with a number of pretty innovations like PVC body panels that aren't tinted but are the colour of the car through & through, plus lithium-ion polymer battery packs to facilitate are lighter and extra energy-efficient than the present generation of hybrid automobile batteries.

REVA E20 price in India comes around Rs.6, 00,000 to 8, 00,000. REVA E20 in India comes in two models Mahindra e20 T0 and Mahindra e20 T2. Mahindra e20 T0 price in india around Rs.6, 86,637 and Mahindra e20 T2 price in India around Rs.7, 55,808.

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